Forensic Investigation

Forensic Investigation

Fire & Explosion Investigation

Thistlegorm’s forensic investigation will help discover that the fire or explosion was due to one or several causes such as autoignition, electrical failure, static electricity discharge, spontaneous combustion, mechanical explosion, chemical reaction, human involvement, or any other cause.

Motor Vehicle Investigation

Thistlegorm’s motor vehicle investigation includes vehicle fire investigation, accident reconstruction and damage analysis.

Our motor vehicle investigation services will analyse all possible causes such as over speeding, poor road infrastructure, environmental factors, improper vehicle maintenance and defective parts of the vehicles and driver’s intoxication, inattention, and fatigue.

Engineering Failure Investigation

Thistlegorm’s engineering failure investigation involves establishing the root cause of the engineering failures, and how to prevent it from recurring.

Thistlegorm has the expertise to investigate engineering failures on a wide range Machineries, Turbines, Power Plants, Cranes, Boilers, Construction / Manufacturing Plants and Equipment, and many others.

Insurance Fraud Investigation

Insurance fraud is something no Insurers can bear. Our Insurance Fraud Investigation will assist Insurers in identifying insurance fraud schemes. We are skilled, qualified, and well trained in detecting fictitious claims, inflated claims, intentionally manipulated data and underwriting fraud.

We have expertise on the following types of claims:

1. Construction
2. Engineering
3. Liability
4. Machinery Breakdown
5. Power
6. Property
7. Oil & Gas
8. Workers’ Compensation
9. Personal Injury Claims
10. Healthcare/Medical
11. Marine
12. Travel
13. Fire
14. Aviation
15. Motor

Questioned Document Examination

Thistlegorm’s document examiners can help verify the authenticity of suspicious or questioned documents potentially disputed in a court of law.

As part of the questioned document examination, we use non-destructive methods including handwriting and signature verification, paper and ink verification, manipulation of image, erasure of writing, consistency in the use of language and indented impressions.

Damage Assessment and Restoration

Our damage assessment will establish the nature and extent of damage/loss suffered as a result of the occurrence, followed by recommendation to restore the damage to its pre-loss condition.

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